Friday, 28 January 2011

Kim's Review: The Cobra

The latest novel from Frederick Forsyth, this one deals with the cocaine trade. An industry worth billions of dollars and which ruins millions of lives.

Paul Devereux an ex-CIA special ops is called out of retirement by the American President himself, to stop the drug trade at any cost.

The drug trade across the world, from suppliers in 3rd world countries to end users in developed nations flourishes in spite of the strictest laws, because they operate outside the law and international govenment agencies have to follow every rule in the book. What can happen when the forces against the drug cartels do not need to follow the strict guidelines of the laws is what forms the crux of this book.

While the story line sketched out by Forsyth, makes one wonder, why it can't be put into practice, one is forced to reconcile that such a solution can only happen in fiction. The basic hypotheses on which the "solutions" work in "The Cobra",  is that there are just a handful of cartels who control the bulk of the global cocaine trade.

As usual, Forsyth is a master storyteller and once you are a few pages in, it is impossible to put the book down until you have finished. Another wonderful piece of fiction from one of my  favorite fast-read fiction authors.


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