Saturday, 4 June 2011

Kim's Review: The Exodus Quest

The next in the Egypt based Daniel Knox series by Will Adams. Daniel Knox is now famous in Egypt as the Archaeologist who discovered Alexander's tomb. On a visit to an Alexandrian market, he chances upon an antiquity that might be a Dead Sea Scroll Jar lid and the vendor admits that he sourced it from a foreigner run excavation, South of the Mariut.

His girlfriend Gail is on assignment in Assiut, forced to accompany and assist a pompous and obnoxious author of populist history - Charles Stafford.

In standard Will Adams style, their paths and investigations criss cross until Gail is kidnapped and appears on tv in a hostage tape.

The mystery in this book surrounds the Jewish Exodus from Egypt and Adams brings out a lot of the currently existing theories on this matter. The heretic pharoah Akehnaten, Moses, Nefertiti, Adam and Eve are all invoked in various myths and theories. Adams has an interesting style akin to the filming of Jack Bauer's 24. He focuses on different characters, shifting the narrative to their respective points of view and then leaves the character in a cliff hanger before moving to the next.

This is an exciting book, but does not quite come up to the standard of his first novel - The Alexander Cipher.

Rating: 3.5/5

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