Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kim's Review : Fish

Brajesh brought a copy of this book home since he was using it at a training program. Being a short book, I had read it in ebook format when it first came out. Since I remember it being a light read, I picked it up again, when I had a little time free.

This book and others in the Fish Philosophy series are based on the world famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle where fishmongers have taken a dull, repetitive, routine boring job and turned their work place into a fun, energetic, completely positively charged up environment for employees and customers.

This book is written as a case study where a corporate manager is tasked with converting her team from the "toxic energy dump" of the organisation to being an integral part of operations unless they want their entire department dissolved and activities outsoursed.

She then visits the Pike Place Fish Market, by chance and vitalised by their environment, she tries to replicate the process within her team.

The book is an extremely easy read and fast read 20-30 mins tops. Its also very easy to identify the common pitfalls and hurdles that we may be facing in our own teams, while at the same time dispensing simple advice that is easy to replicate in any organisation.

So go ahead
1. Choose Your Attitude
2. Play
3. Be Present
4. Make Someone's Day

Rating : 3.5/5


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