Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kim's Review: I Spy A Slenderman and Other Dark Tales

In the interests of full disclosure, Deepti was one of my first online editors (at desicritics), and though the website has been retired, our relationship steadily grew into a friendship over a shared love of travel, cats and books.

While I have been content writing the occasional blogpost and a couple of articles, Dee has gone on to publish FOUR ebooks - 2 novellas and 2 books of short stories. I Spy A Slenderman and Other Dark Tales is her 4th ebook.

The 7 short stories in I Spy A Slenderman, all revolve around  things that go bump in the night: vampires, succubuses, mischievous Greek Gods and werewolves.

While all the tales have slightly unexpected endings, Tryst with a God definitely goes in directions that I would never have predicted and I Spy a Slenderman has a mounting build up of suspense.

The book is an easy read and since its a book of shorts, its ideal for reading on your digital device while sipping a coffee, waiting for a flight, or whenever you have a few minutes free. If you like the genre that is not really Hitchcockian horror, but the Vampire Diaries/True Blood/Buffy version of horror, then you will love these stories.

I promise you won't be disappointed.

Rating : Dee is a friend & in the interests of friendship, we don't rate books written by friends :)

Update on 1st July 2013:
I Spy a Slenderman is now available in hard copy on Amazon and it also has my first review printed in the book being reviewed :)


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