Saturday, 18 January 2014

Brajesh's First Day AT JLF 2014 - January 18th

It can happen only at #JLF.
In one day experienced a massive variety of topics.
True exercise for the grey cells.

1. "Art by Caravaggio" through his Biography written by Andrew Graham Dixon

2. "Photography Lessons" by Dayanita Singh

3."African Writing" through a three way debate between Somalian-British, Ethiopian-American, Nigerian/Sudanese-America women writers - Maaza Mengiste, Nadifa Mohamad & Taiye Selasi (via skype from Delhi.

4. Debate on "How can the Sacred also be Sensual?" with Vidya Dehejia, George Michell, Kavita Singh, Naman Ahuja, andrew Graham Dixon and William Dalrymple.

5. "The Non-Fiction Rennaisance" as experienced by Anthony Beevor, Reza Aslan &Geoff Dyer.

6. "Mathematical Language of Symmetry" by Marcus Du Sautoy

7. "Young Adult to Adult Fiction" through Bone Season with Samantha Shannon.

Totally satiated and feeling like a young child might feel at the end of his trip to Disneyland.
This is my idea of heaven. . . . .

..... and I have three more days to go.

#ZeeJLF — feeling accomplished with Kim at Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur.

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