Saturday, 1 February 2014

Brajesh's Review : Gone Girl

It is difficult to review a suspense thriller, without spoilers, but I will still give it a try. Gone Girl is the story of Nick (husband) and Amy (wife) which runs at the speed of a jet plane even before you have fastened your seat-belt.

As the jacket says , this story has two sides to it. First you sympathise with Nick & Amy, then you hate Nick & adore Amy, then you wonder about Nick and start feeling sorry for Amy, then suddenly Amy vanishes in thin air, then you question Nick and wonder about Amy, then you feel sorry for Nick and start hating Amy. At this point you just throw your hands up-in-the-air and start turning each page as fast as you can to know the next twist in the tale.

The story by Gillian Flynn, narrated from two points of view runs backwards, forwards, sideways and in every possible direction, all while still keeping the reader hooked.

Apart from the suspense and plot twists which are reason enough to read it, "Gone Girl" also provides a very real and insightful commentary on dilemmas of modern marriage and the utterly pathological role, television media plays in modern lives.

The book is a literary masterpiece and a wonderful start to my fiction read- list for the the year.

Rating : 4 / 5

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