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16 Truths You Will Understand If You Are A Book Lover

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I don't do number 10 and number 15 isn't true for me - given the wide range and sheer numbers of books that we read / buy, its difficult for people to be able to gift us a book we are interested in and haven't already bought for ourselves. Other than that, its all true!

The world is divided into two kinds of people, readers and everybody else. Reading is not just a habit it’s a way to be. A person who reads is often by himself but never alone.
Here is a list of sixteen amazing things that all book lovers would relate to.

1. Everything from boarding pass to railway ticket becomes a bookmark for you


Sometimes you use price tags too!

2. While you look for bookmarks, this annoying habit on non readers really puts you off

That is NOT how you treat a book!

3. Nothing is more refreshing than the smell of new book

I wish there was a perfume with the fragrance of a book.

4. More often than not Kindle does not light any fire with you

We like our books hard bound and printed.

5. As a kid your mother always warned you ‘Chashma lag jayega!’

Early signs of developing into a serious reader.

6. ‘Keetabe bahut se paadhi hongi tumne…’ should not be used as a pick up line

Never works. Just letting you know.

7. You always get grief for reading on vacations and are often labelled anti-social

Reading is my idea of a vacation. Why is it so hard to understand?

8.  No movie adaptation can ever be as good as the book


9. You can ask a reader her salary, you can even ask her age. But do NOT ask her for her books

Especially if you are the types who wouldn’t return it.

10. When you get a friend request on Facebook you invariably end up checking the list of books they have read

We don’t judge a book by its cover but we do judge people by the books they read.

11. A reader will always be curious about what the other person on the next table is reading

And will go out of his way to find out.

12.  You have spent nights finishing a book. Sobbing, laughing, and enjoying the world the writer paints

In the meantime everyone else around you thinks you are slowly turning delirious.

13. You often forget to eat or sleep because what you are reading is just unputdownable

What a joy that feeling is. To be so involved that everything else around you ceases to exist.

14. Your friends believe that you have all the answers.  ‘Tu bata na yaar. Tu toh kitna padhta hai’

And the truth is that you don’t have the answers. Just like them, you are exploring.

15. People have no difficulty buying you a gift

Most of your gifts are books. No surprises here.

16. Your retirement plan revolves around owning a quaint book store cum coffee house in a corner of a bustling street. Somewhere in the mountains


Where all you do is read. What a life that would be.

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