Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Kim's Review: The Bourne Deception, The Bourne Dominion

I've been a Robert Ludlum fan for decades and always felt that Jason Bourne was one of the best characters that he had created and this was even before Matt Damon made him hotter.

Normally when one author tries to write about serialised characters originally created by another author, readers often find fault with the new author. But I have to confess that Eric Lustbader has been a worthy successor of Ludlums writing legacy.

The Bourne Deception begins with Bourne & Moira holidaying in Phuket when he is cornered by assasins of the Severus Domna. This is followed by the typical Bourne chase and be chased across the globe.

In the Bourne Dominion, the spectre is the Eastern Brotherhood. Bourne's Arch nemesis, Leonid Arkadin also plays a prominent role.

There is a set formula to most Bourne novels. Miniscule revelations of his forgotten past through memory flashes, threat of a new world war, although the villians nationalities shift across the novels, taut action scenes, twists and turns. This is why the Bourne novels translate so well into movies.

Although the formula is pre-set, the books still make for engrossing and gripping reading. I finished each one of them, before I could turn in for the night. Thats the power of a good Bourne story and Eric Lustbader is doing a wonderful job of keeping the tales tight.

Rating: 3.5/5

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