Monday, 30 January 2012

Kim's Review: Confessions of a Serial Dieter

I must confess that I was aghast when Brajesh came home with this book from his last trip. A "How-To / Self-Help" book??? and one on DIETS to top it off??? I thought I had married a man with more sense than that! We don't read How-to books and while we both need to do something concrete about our weight, we both know that diet books are not the solution that they advertise to be.

He had loved the book and recommended quite strongly that I should read it. Now he has been recommending "2 states" for quite a while, but I still haven't gotten to it. However, since we were packing over 40 books to get autographed at the Jaipur Lit Fest and Kalli Purie was going to be there, this book got packed too.

At Jaipur, the days were obvioulsy hectic and I wanted very light reading for 15-20 minutes before dropping off to sleep. So I decided that if I had to read this book, this was the ideal opportunity. The first few pages in and I was hooked.

This is not a "How-To" book in the strict sense of the word. Yes, Kalli does outline over 40 weightloss methods from the Cabbage soup diet to bullemia and Gastric surgery. But the book isn't just about that. This book is about her experience with each one of these techniques/diets. So its like having a friend who has tried out multiple diets and weight loss techniques telling you what her experience with it was and what she felt worked for her and what didn't.

Her account is candid and honest (right down to stopping her tryst with bullemia when water from the toilet splashed back on her face and into her eyes during one of the purging episodes) and its like getting advice from a friend. Also she doesn't adopt a serious, stuck-up - "I know better than you" tone. The mood is always light and funny while imparting nuggets of wisdom.

Its an excellent buy for someone who is trying to lose weight. Because of the range of techniques that Kalli has experimented with, she gives a lot of information on what worked for her and what didn't. The reader can cull from this information what techniques/diets he/she would like to try for herself and what will fit into their own lifestyle.

This is not a typical "How-To" book, but it does have a lot to offer.

Rating: 3.8/5

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