Monday, 23 September 2013

Kim's Review : Inferno

Brajesh read Dan Brown's "Inferno", when it first came out and felt it was a "tourism advertisement" for Florence, Venice and Istanbul. I read the Inferno as soon as we returned from a 2 week holiday in Italy and absolutely LOVED the book.

It helped refresh my memory of some of the wonderful places that we visited, it brought new insights to some of the masterpieces that we had the privilege of viewing. But this is just the technical and factual parts of the book.

There is a story line in the book, but I do admit, its a little thin. The focus is more on the locale, settings, history, mythology, symbology - mostly centered around Dante Aligheri and his masterpiece -"The Divine Comedy". The Transhumanist Movement, overpopulation, and Genetic Engineering form the rest of the story line.

The book is long and exhausting in its detail, but if you love art and symbology, you will love the book

Rating : 4 / 5

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