Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kim's Review : Cat Vs Human - Another Dose of Catnip

"Cat Vs Human - Another Dose of Catnip" is the second book by Yasmine Surovec.

Ever since I discovered Yasmine Surovec and her cartoons Cat Vs Human, a couple of years ago, I have been a die hard fan. She recently started a facebook group, which keeps her regular readers apprised of everything new regarding her cartoons, books and book signings.

I find almost 95%+ of her cat-toons spot on. Most other cat cartoons, don't even hit the mark 50% of the time.

Yasmine herself lives with 3 cats and a puppy, and all her material comes from her deep love and insight of the behaviour these animals exhibit.

As a regular follower of her blog, there wasn't anything "new" for me in this book. all the cartoons I have seen and read before the day she published them, but they are so lovely and always bring a smile to my face, that I had to buy the book and keep a printed copy next to my bedside table along with the first book.

Whenever I'm feeling a little low, sick or blue, I just need to flip one of these 2 books open to a random page and I'm guaranteed a smile. What more can one ask for from a cartoon?

Rating : 4 / 5

Another Dose of Catnip is the second book in the series. Also read our reviews of the first "Cat Vs Human"
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