Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Brajesh's Review : File Room

I attended a workshop for children by Dayanita Singh at JLF and was so inspired by her approach to life in general and photography in particular that I picked up this book immediately.

In the workshop she essentially told kids to be good human beings and then any camera in their hands would ensure that the photos came out well. The other advise that she gave, was to read voraciously to become a good photographer and she stressed on creating photo stories and not individual snapshots.

"File Room" is part story, part project based on her pictures of various file rooms across the country. There is also a particularly emotional account on the role of files in her mother's lifelong legal battle titled "Sea of File".

The other two short texts in the book are titled "Paper Dust" and "Forest of Paper". However, these texts are mere footnotes in this lovely project where (uniquely) the buyer is encouraged to chose from one of 6 colors of the books cover/binding.

The "File Room" gives you a unique opportunity to own 70 plus of Dayanita's photos for an insignificant cost. Remember one original can put you back by a couple of lakhs. So if you love getting intimate with photos and can spend many a minute poring over one, I suggest you get this book.

Being in black and white, the photos reflect the mood, texture and souls with great intimacy.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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