Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Brajesh's Review: Writing on The Wall

Collection of essays. Some serious issues raised, some attempts at offering solutions. However most solutions were devoid of any urgency or passion. Not a book for general reading. Pickup only if you have keen interest in North East. Anyway difficult to find writings for the region and thanks to Sanjoy for that. Have picked up his "Rites of Passage" as well.

Rating: 2/5

Writing on the Wall: Reflections on the North-East
Strangers in the Mist: Tales of War and Peace from India's Northeast.
Bhopal: The Lessons of a Tragedy

The State Strikes Back: India and the Naga Insurgency
India's Northeast and the crisis of migration
From Bhopal to superfund: The news media and the environment

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