Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Brajesh's Review : In Search of King Solomon's Mines

The quote on the cover of Tahir Shah's "In Search of King Solomon's Mines" says "A splendidly entertaining book .... Inspired" and I think these words best summarise this book.

Tahir Shah is the best travel writer I have ever read. After reading each of his books I feel that, that one is the best and the feeling came back with "In Search of King Solomon's Mines".

I wish I could live the life Tahir Shah does, going in search of legends, traversing countries, hopping continents, while constantly adding to his unending treasure of stories, human nuances and insights. Gosh it is overwhelming!

In this book he breaks all the stereotypes of a famine ridden Ethiopia that I held and I am sure most people I know, hold as well. Now Ethiopia has a completely new portrait for me, the source of Solomon's Gold, Kingdom of Queen Sheeba, Country of Haile Selasie, Arena of Frank Hayter's Adventures, Mythical location for Garden of Eden & Hiding place of the Ark of Covenant.

Above all Ethiopia turns out to be a rainbow country filled with contraindications not very different from India, and I am so happy my monochromatic view on the country has been destroyed with this book.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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