Friday, 12 July 2013

Brajesh's Review : Why CEO's Fail

"Why CEO's Fail - The 11 Behaviors That Can Derail Your Climb to the Top - And How to Manage Them" is an Excellent book. I strongly recommend this book to all leaders who want to succeed.

Constructed around physiologist Robert Hogan's work of derailers, "Why CEO's Fail" talks about 11 reasons why CEOs fail. The interesting bit is that each of these 11 qualities are virtues if managed well, and can catapult one to the top. In fact I would say that a person who lacks some of these qualities,  will be unlikely to reach to the top level of management.

The trick as always, lies in the balance. The moment the leader crosses the balanced line these virtues turn into derailers [Arrogance, Melodrama, Volatility, Caution, Distrust, Aloofness, Mischievousness, Eccentricity, Passive Resistance, Perfectionism, Eagerness to Please].

I think this book will be a corner-stone in the future of leadership development (if not one already). The book doesn't take a holy ground on these derailers and the last page summarises it beautifully "We all need to acknowledge that a flawed human beings can still be outstanding leaders" ..... In fact I would modify the same to say "All great leaders are flawed human beings at some level".

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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