Monday, 1 July 2013

Kim's Review : The Last War

The concept of Sandipan Deb's "Last War" was so interesting, that I was ready to order the book immediately, without bothering to find out anything more. The teaser said that it was the Mahabharat reinterpreted in the scenario of Bombay's underworld. The author had also release the first chapter online, which I read and I was immediately hooked.

For a change, I started reading the book, the day it arrived (rather than putting it in my extremely high stack of bedside books). I sped through the book, even though I was on an extremely hectic travel schedule with a group. I couldn't wait for events to end, so I could come back to my room and read some more. That is how completely gripping "The Last War" is.

Sandipan Deb has re-imagined the Mahabharat in the fight for control over Mumbai's underworld. Yes, some things are changed: the characters of Madri, Nakul, Sahadev are dispensed with. Gandhari's equivalent does not walk around blindfolding herself, nor does she have a 100 sons, 2 of them are more than enough to take the story forward.

Some things were a little far fetched like Yash Kuru (Bhishma) demonstrating archery skills at the Gateway of India ala William Tell. But the story itself hurtles forward headlong into sex, lies, cunning, conniving, betting, deception, love, romance and teenage angst.

The reinterpretation/modernisation of "The Geeta" is also completely brilliant.

This is not the way I normally write a review, but I really don't want to give away anything of the story as it will blunt your reading pleasure, if you haven't read this one already.

I highly recommend "The Last War" even if you have never heard of the Mahabharat, the book will definitely entrance you.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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