Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Brajesh's Review: A Mentor, A Novice & A Cup of Cappucino


A dear colleague and a friend Subrat Padhi has done what many of us are still just considering or planning - He Wrote A Book. For those who don't know, Subrat heads one of the largest business units of a leading telecom firm with over 1,600 employees. He is an extremely successful and passionate professional at work. He still manages to find time , space and energy to write a book which I am sure will inspire many a working professionals.

While autographing our copy of the book, Subrat humbly mentioned to me that the book might not excite me as it was intended for "young" professionals. I must say I have to totally disagree with him on this. The simplicity of language and universality of lessons could be put to good use by any human being with a desire to improve (irrespective of age, seniority or profession)

The book is a 100 minute read and could be a wonderful starting point to many a young professionals who find silly excuses like lack of time towards building a reading habit (SPARSH 9 & 12). Since I don't rate books of friends I would only humbly nudge you to the Amazon page : A Mentor, A Novice And A Cup Of Cappucino and Subrat, if I ever succeed in writing my book, the words on page 135 would have been a major motivator.

Friends are you still waiting to click on the purchase link !!!!

Rating : Not Rated (written by a friend)

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