Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kim & Brajesh's Actual Bookshelves

Given the number of books we review, we've been asked what our actual bookshelves look like, do we give our books away once we have read them, can we lend them a book etc.

Our books are our babies. We never give them away unless we both actually hated the book in question. Those books go in our library donation pile.

Also our library functions like a reading library only, its not a lending library. You are welcome to read books at our house. Coffee, Tea & Snacks will be served if approppriate, but you can't take our books away with you, sorry. We have had too many bad experiences of not having books returned or being damaged before return, that we just don't do it anymore.

So below is a glimpse into what some of our actual bookshelves and reading spaces look like.

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