Sunday, 1 February 2015

Kim's Review : Gone Girl

I had ordered this book by Gillian Flynn, over a year ago. It had been heavily recommended on multiple bestseller lists and by friends whose opinions I truly value. But somehow I never got around to reading it. Even the movie version came out (I haven't watched it yet), but I still didn't get around to it.

Then I finally landed in the UK and with hardly any furniture and kitchen equipment, I barely had anything to keep me busy after the move (while I hibernated without a mobile connection or internet) and I had promised myself time to catch up on reading and this was the first book I pulled out and I Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Gone Girl is such a brilliant piece of story telling and Gillian Flynn has her readers exactly where she wants them along every step of the way. The way, she leads you across the story line is absolutely marvelous, the way she makes you react to her characters, empathise and pity them, love or loathe them in turns. . . I've never felt so manipulated before (and since it was through a work of fiction, I thoroughly enjoyed it)

One thing that did strike me, apart from all the things mentioned before is how her characters felt an ennui with their lives and reacted to situations, the way they had seen on screen in movies. It is like they are completely out of touch with themselves and have forgotten how to react genuinely and react in a way that Hollywood tells them to. Its quite a depressing thought, if this is what we as a society are headed towards.

Rating : 4 / 5

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