Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kim's Review : Hedge Knight (Song of Fire & Ice)

George R R Martin's "Hedge Knight" is a prequel to his best selling series - "A Song of Ice & Fire" popularly known as "A Game of Thrones".

This Graphic Novel illustrated by Martin Avery and Miller Crowell is a collectors / fan's delight. Set 100 years before the Popular series.

The main character in this set of 3 prequel Graphic Novels is "Dunk" later "Ser Duncan the Tall" who grew up in Flea Bottom, squired for the Hedge Knight - Ser Arlan of Pennytree, proclaimed himself a Hedge Knight and progressed to Lord Commander of the Kingsguard under Aegon V. the next 2 books in this series are The Sworn Sword & The Mystery Knight.

If you loved the books, you will love these graphic novels which cover a few stories that are only mentioned in passing in the main novels. A bit of a historical background, you could call it.

The art work is beautiful and realistic rather than over-stylised and the story moves forward linearly through the eyes of Duncan (so no moving back and forth between character perspectives, in these books)

If you are a fan, do pick these up. I'm waiting to order the next 2 in the series.

Rating : 4.5/5 (-0.5 for leaving me waiting indefinitely)

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