Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Kim's Review : The Killing League

The Killing League by Dani Amore / Dan Ames is quite a gripping read right from the first paragraph.

This is a thriller, so I do not want to give out too many plot lines.

The first chapter begins with the terror of the situation that Nicole finds herself in, before moving forward 3 years. We later learn that she is rescued by Wallace Mack - retired FBi Detective who stars in many of Dan Ames books.

We are then introduced to a couple of serial killers and their techniques before they are brought together for a competition - "The Killing League"  - by a mysterious Commissioner to decide who is the most bad-ass serial killer of them all. There is no opting out, you either win or you die.

The Killing League is perfect for reading on train journeys, where you can stop at the end of each chapter without getting too bugged at the distraction of having arrived. Yet, the story is captivating enough, to get you back to it quickly.

This isn't great literature, but its an easy read and ideal for those who like a bit of blood and gore in their books.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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