Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kim's Review : Ten Kings

Ashok Banker - better known for his comprehensive translation & amalgamation of multiple versions of the Ramayan has chosen a small incident from the Vedas (where 1 king defended his small Kingdom against 10 other kings) and turned it into a Historical Fiction novel with a lot of solid ideas spanning Philosophy, Kingship, Good Governance etc.

Its like The "Art of War" with an underdog story.

The  story is extremely simple, what makes this book a must read is how well Banker has explained 2 separate Philosophies followed by 2 different kings who follow the teachings of 2 different gurus.

What truly is worth striving for? An Ideal or your people? Is it necessary for a leader to be power hungry or should he be content with what he has and consolidate and build it?

This book, could be used brilliantly for Corporate training, because it has an interesting 5000+ year old historic story at its core, but the dilemmas are completed relatable in today's Corporate World.

Rating : 3.75 / 5

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