Monday, 26 October 2015

Brajesh's Review : Echo Burning

It’s a bitter sweet feeling reading the last book in any series. Since starting the Lee Child - Jack Reacher series in September 2012, I have patiently savoured 17 out of 19 of his books. I also decided long back that I will skip “One Shot” as I had watched the movie and didn’t quite like it. So finally in May this year I closed the franchise by reading the 5th book of the series.

“Echo Burning” was a perfect finale to my love affair and all the elements of a great Reacher book. Damsel in distress, burly bad boys in a haunting backdrop of an American small-town and nature providing the dramatic final piece of the puzzle.

The beautiful feeling of ending of series was strangely conflicted with what next ?? So friends I need ideas. You all know my taste by now, any suggestion of good light-on-the-brain fiction series with a minimum of 6 book are welcome.

Rating : 4 / 5

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