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Kim's Review : Star-Crossed Series - 1. Reckless Magic, 2. Hopeless Magic, 3. Fearless Magic, 4. Endless Magic

Rachel Higginson's Star-Crossed Series may seem like just another one of the Young Adult Fantasy novels featuring teenagers just discovering their magic, but there is something about this series that is eminently readable.

Yes, the heroine Eden Matthews is an orphaned child who gets into trouble in the normal world, because she doesn't know that she has magic - a common opening idea to almost all the Young Adult Fiction out there, but the story does build well.

Yes, Eden is a little irritating and self-absorbed at times, but isn't that teenager behavior?

In Reckless Magic - Eden Matthews is just discovering her magic and the World of Magic and the Rulesgoverning this world. In Hopeless Magic, she travels to India to test her magic. In Fearless Magic, she travels to Machu Pichu, Brazil, Paris, London, India, Morocco & Romania. Endless Magic brigs a natural conclusion to the series.

In most of the cities, she spends just a bit of time, but a considerable amount of Book 2 centers on her India experience and this is where I wish Rachel had spent just a little more time getting the setting right. A lot of the descriptions of Bangalore to Ooty seem to be impressions gleaned from a trip to Northern India. Indians don't use Indian breads to scoop up their rice and curry. Indian breads are eaten seperately from rice. Its like saying that Italians eat their pasta with risotto. These anomalies, don't ruin the story, but they do leave an uneasy feeling when reading through.

While Endless Magic brings about a natural conclusion to this series, there are a couple of supplementary novels concerning other main characters of this series.

The Reluctant King - Avalon St. Andrews
The Relentless Warrior - Jericho Bentley
Breathless Magic - brings the action right back to Eden Matthews
Fateful Magic - Lilly Mason
The Redeemable Prince - Sebastian Carter

The First Book is currently available for free on Amazon and ibooks, if you would like to try it out before buying any more.

Rating : 3.75/5

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