Saturday, 7 November 2015

Brajesh's Review : Being Global - How to Think, Act and Lead in a Transformed World

I was gifted "Being Global - How to Think, Act and Lead in a Transformed World" after a guest lecture. The idea looked exciting and when I was called back to give a similar guest lecture to the next batch of participants, I decided to challenge myself and instead of going for the same content, I decided to use this new book by Angel Cabrera & Gregory Unruh as the straw-man for my next lecture.

I must say the frame-work was interesting and gave me a great thought to build upon. Having lived and worked outside of India for over quarter of my work-life, I was comfortably able to relate to most of the challenges and solutions outlined in the book.

It gave me rich material for my next presentation and you can get a quick glimpse of the book summary through my notes in the next picture. The book is a good guide for managers attempting to grow a global mind-set or for those who are planning to work in a foreign location for the first time.

I also found some good strong morally rooted suggestions for today’s leader around ethics and code of conduct which are increasingly becoming relevant in the modern business sphere.

Rating : 3/5

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