Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Brajesh's Review : Hedge Knight (Song of Fire & Ice)

I am sure all “Game of Throne” fans continue to wonder if (a key character in GOT, not to be named as spoiler alert) is dead or alive. I am also sure we all are trying to find innovative ways to deal with our respective withdrawal symptoms. As the next series if still over 10 months away, I decided to go find solace in a prequel graphic novel by GRRM.

While I never read the original series given the sheer size of the books, I decided to give this short graphic novel a shot.

Now that the book-worms (like my wife) no longer have the snob advantage over us the TV types, I decided to take the advantage through the graphic novel route. Unfortunately the book added nothing to the intrigue or mystery. Even as a stand-alone, the story wasn’t very strong. The drawing too was nothing special. However the book does end at an interesting place and GRRM clearly has a new franchise in mind through the journeys and exploits of the hedge knight.

Rating : 3.5/5

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