Monday, 16 December 2013

Brajesh's Review : Ajaya - Epic of the Kaurava Clan - Roll of the Dice


Krishna the evil plotter v/s Balram the noble ruler.
Yudhishtir the greedy brother v/s the loyalist.
Kunti the sinister queen v/s Gandhari the exploited one.
Ekalavya the man of merit v/s Arjun the favoured student.
Karna the victim of caste v/s Drona the pedantic teacher.
Bheem the moronic lout v/s Suyodhana the noble, loving, kind crown prince who changes all social norms to ensure well-being and equality.

This book presents the story from the point of view of the defeated. It almost feels like you are watching the story through a 2 way mirror where everything is upside down, or downside up . Anyone who has any interest in the greatest story ever told must read this version of Mahabharat.

This book, by Anand Neelakantan questions every notion we have held and presents a narrative which is equally compelling and honest. Makes one wonder about our mythological narratives which we hold so dear and that's the strength of this book.

Hats off to Anand for taking on such a deep rooted story and presenting an equally beautiful contra-view. My favourite character is the marginalised, untouchable beggar named Jara and his blind dog "Dharma"

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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