Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Brajesh's Review : Worth Dying For

One of the best Jack Reacher’s of the lot. The passion with which he takes on the cause of justice in a godforsaken Nebraska village is quite engaging.

The characters are extremely ordinary, and the setting is a barren village. With a very limited cast of characters and no landscape to provide the meat, it is amazing to see how Lee Child constructs a story which is full of twists.

Simple people living a simple life are caught in the middle of something murky and shadowy. While the real horrors are only revealed towards the last few pages, the passion of Jack Reacher keeps the reader engaged and that is the uniqueness of this book.

The villagers are caught in the evil grip of a local family clan. The only other characters besides the clan members are the hired goons, a doctor, motel owner & housekeeper. Even with such a limited cast the human emotions and twists are rich in detail.

"Worth Dying For" is a completely standalone book, which does not draw much on the past of Jack Reacher. I personally liked this unusual storytelling approach.

The book ends with Jack Reacher with a broken nose and waiting to hitchhike en-route to Virginia, exactly where the next novel “A Wanted Man” starts.

Rating : 4 / 5

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