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Kim's Review : Infernal Devices Trilogy - Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Princess

The first book of the Infernal Devices Trilogy immediately sucks you in.  There are just a handful of main characters, but that just strengthens the story rather than making you lose interest. The tale is mostly narrated from a single point of view - that of the heroine - 16-17 year old Tessa Gray.

The Trilogy could be considered Dystopian. While it is set in 1878, there is a lot of technology and magic involved. Faeries, goblins, werewolves, warlocks, vampires are all thrown in for good measure.

Tessa Gray has lost her whole family in America and sails to Southampton to be reunited with her brother who left some time ago for better prospects. However, she is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters and forced into obeying them, for fear that they may harm her brother if she doesn't.

It is only then, that she realises that she is not a "mundane" - a regular human being - but she has special powers. How "Special" her powers are, she is still in the process of discovering even at the end of Part 1 - Clockwork Angel

Part 2 - Clockwork Prince : while it gets darker, it also has some extremely humorous respite and the romance heats up. Teen Romantic Angst is greatly heightened. More details are revealed about the "Magister" and spies and traitors identified. This is the fastest paced book of the trilogy, a complete page turner.

Part 3 - Clockwork Princess, is much slower compared to Clockwork Prince. I was actually able to stop reading and do my jobs in between, whereas I read Parts 1 and 2 without even wanting to stop to eat or sleep. Clockwork Princess got all morbid towards the end and like a lot of recent movies I have watched, I wished the author had skipped the heavy waterworks inducing last chapters.

Finished this series in 2 days since Brajesh was on a business trip and I didn't have to worry about mundane stuff :)

The quotations at the start of each chapter (from Books and Poetry of that era) are extremely relevant to each chapter and tie in with Tess's love of books. There are also plenty of quotations that are bandied about in conversation by Will and Tess.

Most readers who have read both the Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices Trilogy, by Cassandra Clare strongly recommended The Infernal Devices. I have bought City of Bones though and will decide whether to by the other 4 after reading it.

Its a great Young Fiction story.

Definitely pick up, if it is a genre that interests you.

Rating :
Clockwork Angel - 4 / 5
Clockwork Prince - 4.5 / 5
Clockwork Princess - 3 / 5

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