Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Kim's Review : Aisle Be Damned

"Aisle Be Damned - Swinging Hips, Praying Lips and Flying Tips" is the First Book published by Rishi Piparaiya. Rishi is currently the Director of Marketing and Direct Sales at Aviva and has earlier held positions with Citibank in New York and Mumbai, the reason I mention this is because it is extremely relevant to the genesis of this book.

While most of us who have to frequently travel on work, are content with grumbling to friends and family or anyone who will listen, how terrible our last flying experience was, Rishi has used all this material to actually come out with an extremely funny and relevant book. It is possible to empathise with almost every situation that he writes about related to the "flying" experience.

What started out as "Aisle Be Damned" has now graduated to "Window or Aisle" - a Monthly column for the Hindu Business Line.

"Aisle Be Damned" is a very easy read, each sub-section in each chapter, is about a page or less, so its perfect to read when traveling, or when you have time to just read one page before you go to bed, anytime when you know that you don't have the time to read a book cover-to-cover, but can read something in short bursts with multiple breaks in between.

This book is a great gift for frequent travelers and also for those who envy "frequent flyers" :), it captures the agony of flying very well, but while also keeping it light and funny.

Right from check in to catching a taxi at the other end, there are funny stories and tips for every situation, as a Reader, it is your responsibility to recognise which is a genuine tip and which tips are firmly tongue-in-cheek.

My husband who gets on (and off) an average of 4 flights each week, LOVED the book and I'm sure most people who find the premise of this book interesting, will love it too.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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